Friends and Dance partners

The Nederlandse Dansdagen is looking Friends of Dutch Dance. Because we need you, now more than ever! To make Dutch dance sparkle like never before and to be able to offer a stage to all the beautiful things that the dance makers of the Netherlands have to offer, we call on your help. Only with your support we can continue to make our festival, and continue to give the makers of today and tomorrow the opportunity to create new work and translate it to a grand stage.

Your donation will concretely build a vibrant dance field:

  • We offer today's dance makers development opportunities, for example with residency places and dance prizes
  • We support the dancers of tomorrow.
  • We connect current events with dance history, for example in the annual Dance Museum.

"Cherish the past, enjoy the present and support the future!"

As a Friend of Dutch Dance, you give €75 per year and thus support the current dance makers, the preservation, and the future of Dutch Dance! Duo Friends together give € 125.

As a thank you for your support, we would like to give something back:

  • priority at ticket sales;
  • 2 special encounters during the year, including a meet & greet during the festival; (= Gaia on October 3)
  • an entrance ticket for the kick-off on September 30, 2021;
  • 4 times a year we take you into the world of dance in an exclusive online Dance Journal, based on themes #1 Past, #2 Present and #3 Future. Edition #4 is a special preparation for the new edition of the festival;
  • with a commitment for 5 years you will receive an extra card for the kick-off.

As a Dance Partner of Dutch Dance, you make a special contribution of €150 per year. An indispensable contribution to the development of current dance makers, and to the preservation and future of Dutch Dance! Duo Dance partners give €250 together.

As a thank you for your support, we would like to give something back:

  • an entrance ticket for Masterpieces 2022, including an invitation to the toast;
  • same privileges as Friends;
  • with a commitment for 5 years you will receive an extra card for the kick-off and for Masterpieces.

Want to become a friend or dance partner?
Friends or dance partners can sign up using the form below. Good to know: the Nederlandse Dansdagen has ANBI status, which means that your contribution is 100% tax deductible. With a contribution for 5 years, that is even 125%.

Vriend of danspartner

Solo of duo

Gift: €75 per jaar tot wederopzegging

Wie ben je?

Hoe kunnen we je bereiken?

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