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Time To Act

Time To Act

Time to Act
in conversation about (im)possibilities for artists and audiences with disabilities
How lack of knowledge in the cultural sector creates barriers for artists and audiences with disabilities. The first findings of the European report Time to Act indicate an urgency to take action.
How many programmers are actively looking for work by artists with disabilities? Do cultural venues have adequate marketing strategies to reach people with disabilities in their communities? These are some of the questions posed by the Time to Act report to assess the knowledge (and lack of knowledge) of performing arts executives across Europe. The core of the initial findings focuses on three areas:

  • The degree of knowledge about the creative work and work practice of professional artists with disabilities
  • How will cultural programming become accessible to artists with disabilities
  • How will cultural programming become accessible to the public with a disability

It is high time, on the opening day of the Week of Accessibility, to enter into a dialogue and to test this against the Dutch situation. After a brief explanation of the results of the Time to Act report by Ben Evans, Head of Arts & Disability, European Union Region British Council and Project Director Europe Beyond Access, four dinner guests, led by moderator Jorn Matena, react and reflect on the results of this report and jointly explore the next steps to be taken. The public is present online via zoom and can participate in the chat.

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