Sound of Movement

Sound of Movement Nederlandse Dansdagen 2021

In X-Change: The Sound of Movement, Peter Leung and Katja Grässli talk about their working processes in thinking about dance and inclusiveness, with special attention to the deaf and hard of hearing. Illustrated with images of their current progress, they take the audience by the hand. The leading question is what it takes to ensure that inclusivity in dance is a matter of course. 

With the House of Makers company, Peter Leung also explores how music can be an experience for the whole body, and how movement can contribute to this. A special project has been created together with Brigitte van Hagen and Fabienne Vegt. The focus is on the performing arts as a broad instrument. 

Choreographer Katja Grässli shows a short work-in-progress of her performance ALL-EEN in which a crossover between dance and sign language is made. She does this together with dancer Pawel Moléda, who was born deaf and dancer Sharon Wesseling. 

Unfortunately, co-initiator Kalpana Raghuraman was unable to attend the recording of this dance conversation due to circumstances. She does work on projects that focus on inclusivity. The Dance on Mute project focuses on making performances stimulating broadly sensory for hearing and non-hearing spectators. The performance In Two Minds recently premiered (September 2021) in which energetic footwork from Indian dance, tactile vibrations and light effects were used in this context.


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