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Panama Pictures

Panama Pictures present a new and authentic signature in which dance and circus merge with each other. The company is coming to the festival with Stripped. The choreographer Pia Methuen created the production for the aerial-strap artiest Tarek Rammo. His personal-ity, background and relationship to his discipline are the starting point for this creation.

“An almost perfect combination of circus (aerial straps), contemporary dance and a carefully constructed soundtrack. Tarek Rammo (acrobatics/dance) seriously blew me away.” – Marc Celis, voorzitter circus committee, Flemish Circusmagazine

Stripped is an intimate portrait of a man trying to find out who he is. Who that is, is revealed layer by layer in conversation with himself and the audience. The aerial straps serve as an extension of his body, as a limitation of his freedom of movement but also as a ladder to another reality.

About Panama Pictures
Panama Pictures is the house company of the Verkadefabriek in ’s-Hertogenbosch and is structurally supported by the Performing Arts Fund NL, Provincie Noord-Brabant and the municipality of ’s-Hertogenbosch. The company is based in the Netherlands but enjoys an international status with residencies and productions in countries including Germany, Poland, Russia, Norway, Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia and China.

Acrobatics/ dance: Tarek Rammo
Choreography: Pia Meuthen
Muziek: incl. Strijbos & van Rijswijk

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