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The choreography of Seconds is based on a text that explores the cycle of hope and angst and recognises that both arise out of the awareness of the passage of time. The poem reminds us of the subjectivity of how we expe-rience time and counts down the 15 minutes of the performance. However, it’s not the performance in the cube that determines how long the people inside it keep watching, but the audience outside of it. This creates an interaction between the personal desire of people to see the dancers, and their awareness that their experience is communal. This intimately expresses the idea of time as a shared source and makes it tangible.

“…a huge dance installaton. It is endlessly fascinating what Ben-Tal does here with the perception of space, time and human activity.” – Trouw ★★★★

The installation is part of project 60, in which OFFprojects explores the concept of time. The production can be seen on Friday 5th October at the Dutch Dance Festival Gala.

Seconds - performance installation

Concept & choreography: Amos Ben-Tal
Design and artistic advice: Yvan Dubreuil
Performance: Aurélie Cayla, Luca Cacitti, Wolf Govaerts et al.
Seconds is am OFFprojects production in collaboration with Korzo producties and ICK Amsterdam supported by Performing Arts Fund NL.

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