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Youth - Dance Performances

Mankind (6+)

de Stilte

Mankind represents just the tril-lionth part of the pinhead Earth, perhaps that’s why we’re always looking for confirmation, comfort and freedom, even if it means curtailing the freedom of others. 

An adventurous play of light and space and the puzzle that is a human being. With live music.

The production Mankind offers an experience in which young and old are given the space to discover their own world. With a leading role for the specially composed live music of Paul van Kemenade and Stevko Busch, Uri Rapaport’s lighting and Jack Timmermans dazzling choreography in which the dancers carry us away.

De Stilte - Mankind (6+) | 20 feb in De Lawei

Choreography: Jack Timmermans
Music: Paul van Kemenade and Stevko Busch

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