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M.A.D. | second song of the cuckoo

Joost Vrouenraets & Loran Delforge

The new collaboration between the choreographer Joost Vrouenraets and the composer and musical producer Before Tigers a.k.a. Loran Delforge resulted in the production M.A.D.| second song of the cuckoo, which will premiere at the Dutch Dance Festival.

A living composition, based on one single stage design element: the white canvas.

Dance and music create a rhythm, movement and a living composition together in M.A.D.based on one single element of set design: the white canvas. In the confrontation with this simple aesthetic form, the performance engenders a feeling of purification that goes further than the ecstatic experience of repetition. The complex co-existence of move-ment, sound and visual abstraction slowly reveals a subject for reflec-tion, a canvas, a field of movement for what M.A.D. | second song of the cuckoomay mean.

Choreography: Joost Vrouenraets
Music: Loran Delforge a.k.a. Before tigers
Thanks to: Huis voor de Kunsten, Dutch Dance Festival, SAM ateliers Maastricht

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