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Youth - Dance Performances

luid (3+)

tout petit

There is a large installation on the stage that is played by two women. They use their whole body so that a challenging interplay of sound and dance, music and movement arises. After the production, the young audience can come on the stage to experiment with the sounds the installation can make.

A dazzling show in which sounds become movement and movement sound.

luidis the second part oflicht!en luid(‘light!and sound’) from tout petit. Lies Cuyvers and Ciska Van-hoyland made the production about light and sound when they noticed how sensitive small children are for changes.

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Tout petit - Luid 3+ 06/10

Choreography and dance: Lies Cuyvers and Ciska Vanhoyland
Music: Koen Brouwers
Dramaturgy: Gerhard Verfaillie
Movement Advice: Iñaki Azpillaga
Set Design: Erki De Vries
Lighting Design: Steven Brys
Costume: Katrijn Baeten

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