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Klein beetje Controle / virtual residency

155 / eenvijfvijf

'Research is what I'm doing, when I don't know what I'm doing' 
- Werner von Braun

155 (eenvijfvijf) won the Dutch Dance Festival Young Audiences Prize in 2018. The breakdance collective will be using the prize money to conduct research that can be followed 24/7 during the festival via a livestream.

155 (eenvijfvijf) @NederlandseDansDagen

The men will be shutting themselves up in the SAM Decorfabriek in Maastricht for ‘a little bit of control’ [een klein beetje controle]. As well as a toothbrush, mats, sleeping bags and a bowl to wash in, they will also be taking a huge treadmill with them, which will visibly limit their physical control. Will they be able to get a grip on their lives or will they stay young spivs? Will they be able to deal with the feeling of not being in control?

During the festival, you will be able to follow 155’s process in their exploration of the reality of the experience and the intensity with which you undergo it - and in this residency, the experience is very real! Whether the lads are rehearsing or not, the livestream stays on.

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