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Museum Motus Mori / Katja Heitmann

The Dutch Dance Festival brings the rich cultural heritage of Dutch dance to the fore with
the dansMuseum as a source of inspiration and innovation. At this year’s festival, the dansMuseum is a conceptual interpretation of a traditional museum exhibition.Extinctus/Extantem is an exhibition in the form of a publication; a port- able archive of articles, essays and interviews all about forgotten and lost movements in Dutch dance. In addition, the dansMuseum presents three special guest exhibitions that reflect the theme of the publication in three different ways.

In a production of Marres, the German choreographer Katja Heitmann is creating a museum with ten dancers of physical movement threatened with extinction. Museums are meant to preserve human culture and history and it is a given that they do that with objects, installations and, occasionally, stories, but it is precisely in this congealed version of history that we lose the humanity. Museum Motus Mori is a new museum that makes the visitor aware of the deep humanity that is to be found in the body.

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