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De Rode Loper


The Vereniging voor Dansonderzoek Nederland (VDO) will, unfortu-nately, cease to exist this year but the Dutch Dance Festival will be celebrating its work in De Rode Loperwith a digital selection from nine editions of Danswetenschap in Nederland, the country’s academ-ic journal of dance. The National Centre Performing Arts (NCPA), as a disseminator of knowledge and a connector, will then open its digital database and receive the VDO’s archive. The Dutch Dance Festival, the VDO and the NCPA want to make use of the occasion to draw attention to the need for, and to encourage new, dance research

Podium for academic and artistic research in the area of dance.


Liesbeth Lim, about the Medisch Centrum voor Dansers en Musici (MedicalCentre for Dancers and Musicians) and her continuation of Boni Rietveld’s research into dancers’ injuries.

Jeroen Fabius, about the im-portance of research into dance education, the role of looking (the gaze) and the relationship between performer and spectator. 

Katrina Brown, about her work as choreographer, researcher and teacher and her research into drawings and other records that performers leave as a reminder of the action.

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