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DanceAble Open Studio

Holland Dance Festival / SALLY Dansgezelschap Maastricht

DanceAble is an initiative of the Holland Dance Festival that aims to increase dance opportunities for people with a disability and to encourage talent development. The Dutch Dance Festival has embraced this initiative and will be providing space for an Artistic Lab where research can take place for the Mixed Doubles project, where choreographers will create a duet for dancer with, and a dancer without, a disability.

DanceAble bridges inclusive and professional dance.

Dutch dancers and choreographers will work in the lab with colleagues from Greece, Poland, Sweden and Italy under the title ‘Other Artists, Other Bodies’. The artists will be led by two experts in inclusive dance from the UK, Adam Benjamin and Janice Parker. The international context feeds the Dutch dance landscape in the area of inclusive dance, an area in which the Nether- lands lags behind. The open studio offers the opportunity to become more familiar with it. The lab will offer dance artists more insight

into the possibilities of their own unique bodies and the technique of partnering with others without losing their own dance language. The ex- perience gained in this Artistic Lab will be the basis for the creation of the ‘Mixed Double’ duets. These will be premiered at the Holland Dance Festival, simultaneously establishing a good connection between the two festivals.

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DanceAble Open Studio 04/10

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