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HOT LINE presents CLUB TWEAK ft. Dimitri

In the liberating surroundings of the night, new dance styles arise and extraordinary connections are made between dance and art forms such as fashion and visual and sound design. The Dutch Dance Festival will be placing this centre stage in a club concept in which local and international DJ’s of allure will collaborate seamlessly with dance performance and visual design. After the afterparty after Meesterwerken (Masterworks), the party continues: the ‘after’ afterparty, the second year of CLUB TWEAK.

TWEAK your identity!

1. To pinch, pluck, or twist sharply: tweaked her sister's ear
2. To adjust; fine-tune: Tweaked her computer set-up
3. To make fun of; tease

The Dutch Dance Festival has joinedforces with HOT LINE, the hottestdisco party in Maastricht, for this second club event and House veteran DJ Dimitri and Supernature Soundsystem (also known from events like Lowlands) will also be present to explore the uncharted territories of disco. Also this year: New Way Voguefrom Sarada Sarita, Glittergodsfrom Jesus de Vega, Emotional Pornfrom Keren Rosenberg and Discoteque Transformation in collaboration with Fashionclash, brought together by Random Imperfections / Marc van Loon.

TWEAK regards club culture as the ideal place for the transformation of the spectator into performer and the performer into spectator. It is the place where night life merges with the performing arts and it functions as a inspirational podium for makers and dance fans. In the artificial and interactive setting of the club, you are treated to new rituals to ‘TWEAK’ your identity.

Trailer Club Tweak NDD 2019

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