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Nominations 2019 - Dance Performances - Youth

Between Us

The Ruggeds

There are friends and then there is family, but what if your friends are your family? The Ruggeds have known each other since their teenage years. They grew up together and became their own version of a family, not because of DNA, but because of their shared experience. In Between Us, the crew invites you to find out what drives them.

A mix of music, acrobatics, humour and dance mean that it’s always a party with them.

Because The Ruggeds have been travelling all over the world for years, they are rarely to be found at home in Eindhoven. Last year they took part in World of Dance in Hollywood and they have also performed in largescale dance events like Red Bull BC One, at Sadler’s Wells and with Justin Bieber. Their power lies in their personal approach to breakdancing. Each member of the crew is unique, and together they are Rugged; raw and unpolished. A few raw edges is what gives someone their personality, ‘Above all, we’re a crew, a family, and we are as colourful as the sum of of us all.’

The Ruggeds // Between Us - TheaterTour 2019

Performers: Jessy ‘Jazzy Gypz’ Kemper / Leelou Demierre / Niek Traa / Rico ‘Zoopreme’ Coker / Roy Overdijk / Sjoerd ‘Stepper’ Poldermans / Tawfiq Amrani / Virgil ‘Skychief’ Dey
Artistic director: Niek Traa
Choreographer: Roy Overdijk
Composers: Boi Beige & Y’skid

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