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Viewmaster / Kenzo Kusuda, Roshanak Morrowatian, Mohamed Yusuf Boss

1 October | 14:00 - 17:00
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An immersive exhibition on Border Control, Border Conflicts and Migration

No Access shows twenty contemporary video works, data visualisations, media works, animations and interactive educational games with visual stories about refugees from different perspectives.

During the Nederlandse Dansdagen, choreographers Roshanak Morrowatian, Mohamed Yusuf Boss and Kenzo Kusuda, who each came to the Netherlands with their own story, will participate in the Viewmaster Projects exhibition for one day. The visitors witness how they react to the theme and impact of the video works with their improvisation capacity and expressiveness of their body language. The location on itself is exceptional, but it adds even more to the works since it has a strong connection with the loaded theme. The performances will be held in the former Cold War Headquarters of NATO in the marl quarries of the Maastricht Cannerberg. During the Cold War, 24-hour surveillance from here closely monitored all movements behind the Iron Curtain. In 1992, NATO left this nuclear bomb-proof complex, which had previously been subject to the State Secrets Act since 1956. Now for the first time you can roam freely in part of the corridor system without getting lost.

Roshanak Morrowatian (Iran, 1989) works as a dancer, maker and actress and studied dance at the Folkwang School of the Arts in Essen, Germany. 
Morrowatian won the prize of the Nederlandse Dansdagen in 2020 for the concept of Kites, which premiered the following year during the festival in 2021. The installation performance Sister, which premiered that same year during the Schrit_tmacher festival, was also presented at the festival of Théâtre Bourgogne Dijon in 2022. Since 2021 she has been making work and is artistic director of the Rover foundation.

Mohamed Yusuf Boss (1986, Hargeisa, Somalia) is a dancer, choreographer and theater maker from Groningen. Mohamed's work is based on hip-hop and the each one teach one principle. From the X_YUSUF_BOSS initiative, Mohamed creates a house for stories together with creative producer Mark Fischer. A place where there is room for everyone's story. In 2019 Mohamed Yusuf Boss won the Groninger Talent Award from the province of Groningen and the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds. Mohamed was recently nominated for the Innovation Prize of De Nederlandse Dansdagen.

The Japanese choreographer/dancer Kenzo Kusuda, who lives in the Netherlands, is a unique phenomenon in the dance world. In a personal and often breathtakingly intense way, he unveils the poetry of the dancing body. Kusuda transports the audience into a world of fantasy. His work is brimming with mystical beauty beyond our senses.

Roshanak Morrowatian on her contribution to the project: “Introducing the theme, the location, the history and link to the current situation, and then introducing dance, it is precisely in this combination where I get inspired and feel the urgency to get moving.”

The exhibition starts on Thursday 15 September and can be seen until Sunday 13 November. The above performances can only be seen on October 1. You can visit the location at any time, between 14:00 and 17:00.

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