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I Feel It Too

Het Nationale Ballet & Sedrig Verwoert

1 October | 18:30 - 18:56

With “I Feel it Too” Sedrig Verwoert presents his first piece as associate choreographer for Dutch National Ballet. The social and cultural restrictions as a result of the global pandemic have inspired Verwoert to create a dance piece exclusively for the screen, shedding a light on the complex emotions that we are collectively facing.

Constrained by the walls of our respective rooms, intimacy and connection are undisputedly altered. Leading to a convergence of emotions that are hard to pinpoint. Working through grief and a lack of intimacy, feeling lost and conflicted. With this shared point of departure in mind, “I Feel it Too” offers the audience an alternative performance in the form of a 24-minute dance film.

Throughout the films trip, emotions range from a state of naivete to a layered and heavy understanding of the new normal. The dancers embody the different emotions enhanced by the symbolism in colors and props. In the red room, sensuality and euphoria are centered, while in the green room a huge renaissance painting, depicting an overpowering and menacing scene, looms over the dancers. It is through their shared grief that a sense of connectivity is found which beckons unity and dialogue.

In order to bring this project to life, Verwoert brought in an external team of professionals to work together with him and Dutch National Ballet. Together shaping and shifting the ideas we have of ballet. The project shares a rare view of the building of Dutch National Ballet, repurposing all its nooks and crannies into an expanded stage, rejecting the traditional relationship between institute, dancer and audience.

The cast for the film does not only include dancers of Dutch National Ballet, Verwoert added the physical presence of two more contributors of the project. Rozina Salihuz, whose voice narrates parts of the film and Tim Wes who is responsible for the film’s original score. Their role, reminiscent of that of the poltergeist, serves as a critical note to the consumption of Black culture. Their presence underlines that which has been structurally absent from the institute, also addressing the double-edged sword of tokenism. 

In a way that references Jazz music, “I Feel It Too” improvises on themes within classical ballet, modern dance, spoken word, contemporary music and high fashion. The combination of disciplines culminates in a timely Gesamtkunstwerk, bringing it back to the roots of ballet while simultaneously questioning the role of the institute and its pitfalls.


Art director & choreographer: Sedrig Verwoert
Assistant choreographer: Reina Trifunovic
Rehearsal director: Sandrine Leroy
Dancers: Het Nationale Ballet
Director: Kevin Osepa
Senior creative producer: Katarina Pepichova
DOP: Wouter Verberkt
Steadycam: Erwan van Buuren
Editor: Phila Demi
Grading: Ruben Labree
1st AD: Mario Gonsalves
Focus Puller: Luuk Schmitz
Stage Manager: Wolfgang Tietze
Gaffer: Jeroen Zwart
Gripper: Wesley Westerhuis
DIT: Joep Bannenberg
Stylist: Pau Avia
Stylist Assistant: Salomé Rouquet
Spoken Artist: Roziena Salihu
Music Composer: Tim Wes
Graphic Design: HouseTMM
Text: Mirelva Berghout


About Sedrig Verwoert
Sedrig Verwoert was born in Suriname and moved at the age of three to Amsterdam, where he later took the Urban Contemporary dance course at Amsterdam University of the Arts. In 2013, he won first prize at the prestigious Eurovision Young Dancers Competition. He then received a scholarship from the Van den Ende Foundation to continue his training with Igal Perry, artistic director of the American Peridance Contemporary Dance Company. One year later, Verwoert joined this company in New York, transferring to the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company in Israel in 2015. In 2017, he returned to the Netherlands, where he received a contract as a dancer with ICK Amsterdam. Since 2019, Verwoert has been a freelance dancer and has performed in pieces of several companies. He has been a Young Creative Associate with the Dutch National Ballet since the beginning of 2021.

For their creation They/Them, Verwoert and his fellow choreographer and dancer Christian Yav were nominated for a ‘Zwaan’ award for Most Impressive Dance Achievement in 2020. In 2019, he won both the BNG Bank Dance Award and the Leo Spreksel Award, named after the former artistic director of Korzo Theater, in The Hague.

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