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Plenary DanceTalk edition 2

4 November | 17:00 - 18:30

The second Plenary Dance Conversation, which took place on Wednesday 4 November, dealt with the theme of new makers. Questions such as how young and mid-career choreographers want to work or whether these works fit into the dance landscape as we know it today where part of the discussion. As where questions like: Are the existing structures still tenable or does the crisis we find ourselves in now have such an impact on the field that other structures are needed for the makers of tomorrow? What role do the large companies in the BIS have in training a new generation of makers and how does this policy work for these makers. The renewal of the dance landscape only works if the subsidy system also grows with the new makers, how do subsidisers such as a national fund and a municipality view a new route for subsidy, what examples are there already and how can we create growth and space for it? the makers?

The table guests at the second Plenary DanceTalk are: Dennis Stam, Deputy Director of the Performing Arts Fund NL, Marcelle Hendrickx, Alderman for Culture Tilburg, Samir Calixto, independent choreographer, Ronald Wintjens, director of Festival de Nederlandse Dansdagen and Indirah Tauwnaar, artistic director and director of House of urban arts.

Digitale Dansgeprek 4 november (ENG subs)

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