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Guilherme Miotto | Corpo Máquina Society

3 October | 14:00 - 15:00
Theater aan het Vrijthof   Papyruszaal

Ernest Potters


With freestyle football and movement of the street, Corpo Máquina Society brings a bomb of energy and zest for life into the theatre. With freestyle football player Nasser El Jackson, break dancer Simon Bus, sound artist Boris de Klerk and dancer Stasy Terehhova, it is a special team with which choreographer Guilherme Miotto works on Bolistas. They all have something that catches the eye. Nasser is an agile freestyle football player; twice he became world champion in ground moves. Simon folds into impossible turns, just like Stasy who does it in her own way and Boris does magic with sound.

What Nasser does with the ball is magical. Knowing exactly what his body can do, he feels challenged to push boundaries and also challenges his fellow players. It becomes exciting when Simon upsets him with his hypothermic agility. And Stasy also throws her body into the battle to surprise. Boris supports the movers with a sense of sound and rhythm and constantly creates a new world. As if they are playing a game together in which the aim is to find each other again and again. Their accuracy of movement invites you to look very precisely. But in everything they try, freedom is their hold and they make space for each other.

Every person a dancer
Corpo Máquina Society works from Tilburg and Breda on professional performances for the theater circuit and on social artistic projects, talent development and cultural participation in the urban environment. The fact that the professional work feeds the social artistic activities and vice versa is one of the forces behind the approach.

Corpo Máquina Society works from the principle that there is a dancer in every person. We show that theatricality is up for grabs in the things of the day and that really everyone has theatrical powers. Instinctive Performance as developed by artistic director Guilherme Miotto is always the starting point.

This unique performance in which movement in dance and freestyle football come together will premiere during the Nederlandse Dansdagen 2021.


Choreography: Guilherme Miotto 
Performers: Boris de Klerk, Nasser El Jackson, Simon Bus, Stasy Terehhova 
Stage image and light design: Erik van de Wijdeven 
Dramaturgic: Moos van den Broek 
Technics: Mathijs Geraerts, Christian Verschuuren 
Organisation: Heleen Volman
Graphic design: Marieke van der Schaar
Photography: Ernest Potters

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