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Giacomo Della Marina


1 October | 17:00 - 17:30
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2 October | 14:00 - 14:30
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Alwin Poiana

Giacomo della Marina takes a turning point in dance history, Nijinksi's famous solo L'apres midi d'un Faun from 1912, as the starting point for an original and sensory reflection on contemporary themes such as inclusivity and the general sense of transition and disorientation. The Faun as a symbol for the non-conformist individual that we are always intrigued by, and that we recognize deep within ourselves. Giacomo della Marina's visual manifesto is a little gem you won't soon forget. 

Society struggles to accept bodies that choose different paths, whether they concern choices around gender and sex, shape, work, role, ethnicity, beliefs, age, the list goes on.  

Bodies and personalities that don!t abide by the rules are demonised by society. They become like mythological creatures that live on the border of existence and non-existence.  

In Roman mythology a Faun is a creature that is part human and part goat. It is a character that is not easily accepted but is a source of attraction. It’s a character who seeks different spaces and who represents all those who seek opportunities for self-expression and inclusivity. 
Everyone, inhabiting their singular and unique body, can be seen as a mythological character. 
And myths provide a blueprint for comprehending the natural and social world of a society and the universe, guiding values and behaviours.  

Mythology comes from uniqueness, from non-conformity and liminality because it comes from the  

singular essence of each body which is not similar to anyone else!s. Myths are therefore tangible and are the embodiment of irregular souls. 
Souls and bodies of this society desire the freedom to follow their own instincts and inclinations and consequently be an example for others.  

They are as well made of beauty and their beauty needs to be revealed and recognised.  

In order to allow freedom of being, society needs to accept the liminality of the bodies and the personalities. Not just to tolerate it, but admire it and respect it.  

Humans are not an image, they are an experience. In this sense, they must allow themselves and others to be comfortable with fluidity.  

Concept: Giacomo Della Marina 
Choreography: Giacomo Della Marina in collaboration with Sau-Ching Wong Dance: Sau-Ching Wong 
Technical Development: Alec Gordon 
Video: Carles CastañoCostume: Asti KuruMusic: Alessio CYB GioffrediLight Design: Samon PreslandArtWork: Viola Della Marina and Carles C 


Giacomo Della Marina (IT), finished in 2004 his MA studies in Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Padua (IT). In 2008 he obtained a BA in Contemporary Dance at the Rotterdam Dance Academy. Between 2007 and 2008 he was awarded the prestigious scholarship of the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation (CH). After graduating he worked for two years for De Stilte Dance Company (NL). Looking for different experiences and inspiration, he decided to start working as a freelance dancer.  

In his career he had the opportunity to dance in choreographies by W. Forsythe, N. Duato, B. Caverna, G. Maiorino, J. Lunn, W. Lu, O. Maciejewska, M. Schumacher, D. Paiva, J. Timmermans, D. Desnoyes, S. Gillen, M. Bucar, K. Brandstrup, G. Skrela, N. Horecna, I. Galili, S. Ulrikson, O. Pichler, O. Dubois and many others. While at Nationale Opera en Ballet, he worked in productions by directors such as P. Audi, D. Alden, B. Kosky, L. Pelly, R. Carsen, A. Olle’, C. Loy, C. Guth, A. Breth.  

In 2010, he premiered his solo What then if about at Lucky Trimmer Festival in Berlin. 

In 2012, he worked as assistant director for Simon Mcburney’s production of the Zauberflöte by Mozart. In 2016, he choreographed Andrea Breth’s production of Manon Lescaut by Verdi at De Nationale Opera en Ballet.  

In 2017, Giacomo created IOOI for the students of the Accademia Nazionale di Danza in Rome.  

In 2019, he started Movementtalks, a series of podcasts and videos concerning the world of dance and performance.  

In 2020 he joined the cast of Cyrano by director Joe Wright with choreographies by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui which was released in early 2022.  



Concept: Giacomo Della Marina
Choreography: Giacomo Della Marina
Dance: Federica Dauri
Technique: Alec Gordon
Music: Alessio CYB Gioffredi
Video: Carles Castaño
Costume design: Asti Kuru
Lighting: Samon Presland


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