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The Resident

Dunja Jocic

Dunja Jocic is one of the most exciting, new choreographers in the country. She won the Dutch Dance Festival Maastricht Prize in 2018 and her latest work The Resident will be premiered at this year’s festival.

“Cleverly constructed on and offline alienation...” – Theaterkrant

Dunja Jocic makes filmic productions with an electrically charged and capriciously brilliant dance language. In The Resident, she investigates the consequences of a digitalised society. A woman lives alone in her apartment. “How long have I been living here? I don’t know. Sometimes I hear the people above me and under me. Some of them never go out. My last days are approaching. I’ve reached my expiry date...”

About Dunja Jocic
Dunja Jocic (Belgrade, 1978) danced with companies like Club Guy and Roni, Ballet du Nord (FR) and Emio Greco / PC. In 2013 he was nominated for the Swan for the ‘most impressive achievement in dance’ for her role in Midnight Rising from Guy & Roni. She has also won a Gouden Kalf (2015), the BNG Bank Dansprijs (2016) and the Dutch Dance Festival Maastricht Prize (2018).

Choreography: Dunja Jocic 
Performance: Simon Bus 
Text: Barbara Markovic
Producer: Korzo Theater Den Haag, Bird Productions, Nederlandse Dansdagen

Dates & times
Saturday, October 5 15:00 € 10,00 Toneelacademie
Saturday, October 5 22:30 € 10,00 Toneelacademie

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