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Dansmuseum Extinctus/Extantum

Conny Janssen Danst

What is heritage worth? And how can we stop important aspects of Dutch dance being lost or forgotten? At this year’s festival, the Dance Museum takes the form of an exclusive catalogue, a permanent record. The publication walks you through three exceptional exhibitions that are all dedicated to the ‘forgotten movement’.

Forgotten movement

Conny Janssen Danst is a permanent partner of the Dutch Dance Festival. She brings young, passionate artists, the future, to the festival every year with her DANSLOKAAL [‘dance rehearsal room’]. Her own work is characterised as inventive and she engages with artists and organisations from the world of photography, film, architecture, theatre and music. In the Dance Museum, Conny Janssen places the power and impact of innovation in the context of the rich history of her company, which itself has been placing dance in a broader context for more than 25 years.

Dates & times
Tuesday, October 1 12:00 - Theater aan het Vrijthof
Wednesday, October 2 12:00 - Theater aan het Vrijthof
Thursday, October 3 12:00 - Theater aan het Vrijthof
Friday, October 4 12:00 - Theater aan het Vrijthof
Saturday, October 5 12:00 - Theater aan het Vrijthof
Sunday, October 6 12:00 - Theater aan het Vrijthof

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