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Dunja Jocic / The Previous Owner

The Previous Owner

1 October | 20:00 - 20:40
€14.00 (Regulier)
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2 October | 11:00 - 11:40
€14.00 (Regulier)
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Dunja Jocic 

The Previous Owner 


Dunja Jocic won the Swan last year for 'best dance production' with De Panter. The Serbian-Dutch choreographer is one of the most exciting new dance makers of the moment. She creates cinematic dance performances that explore the backrooms of the human mind. With her poignant and humorous dance language, she confronts the viewer with the absurdity of existence. 

“If we must die ourselves, and first lose those dear to us in death, it is easier to submit to a ruthless natural law, to the sublime necessity of death, than to the chance that death might be Escaped . It may be that this belief in the need to die is just an illusion we have created to carry the burden of our existence.” Sigmund Freud 


In the last days of his life, after burying his beloved, an old man decides to renounce death completely. This man cannot accept that everything he has built in life and all the investments he has made will soon come to an end. It seems absurd and unacceptable to him that his life has been in vain. 


Therefore, the man decides to have his mind uploaded to a young body. And tonight this man, in his new body, will present himself to the world. 

In The Previous Owner we witness the struggle between body and mind. Both compete for the property of a newly created man. 



Composer: Renger Koning
Writer: Rik van den Bos
Light design: Wil Frikken
Costumes: Maartje Prins
Dancer: Kalin Morrow
Actor in the picture: Tom Jansen
Dramaturgy: Marinus Groothof.
The Previous Owner is a co-production Club Guy & Roni en Bird Productions.


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