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dansMuseum #5 conversation 3

Toer van Schayk | Nederlandse Dansdagen

3 October | 15:00 - 15:30

Erwin Olaf


In the editions of danceMuseum, the Nederlandse Dansdagen highlights the rich cultural heritage of Dutch dance. Dance as a valued form of intangible cultural heritage. And dance as a source of inspiration and innovation.

danceMuseum #5
Over the past four years, the danceMuseum presented the exhibitions Movement Matters: 20 years of Dutch Dance Days (2017), The Third Space: Space and spatiality in the work of Krisztina de Châtel (2018), Extinctus/Extantem (2019) and Bodies of Influence: A History of Change in 25 Dances (2020). In the danceMuseum #5 we focus on one of the most versatile artists of Dutch dance online and in the Bonnefantenmuseum: choreographer and visual artist Toer van Schayk, who will turn 85 in September.

Toer van Schayk
In addition to his career as a dancer and choreographer (including Dutch National Ballet), Toer is a prolific artist who has built up a rich oeuvre, ranging from sculpture, painting and drawings to stage and costume design. In the online exhibition Changing Shapes: Five Conversations with Toer van Schayk, we highlight five of his works to discover new insights and to emphasize Toer's unique experience as a multidisciplinary dance artist.

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