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Het Uur van de Wolf: De Wereld van Wubbe

5 October |

For the 70th anniversary of the Rotterdam modern dance company Scapino Ballet, choreographer Ed Wubbe developed his most ambitious performance ever: TING! A grand and risky project, with the collaboration of the Dutch pop group De Nits and various circus artists, with which Wubbe put himself and his dancers to the test. Filmmaker Jan Louter followed the creation of the performance for more than a year. The documentary shows that the enthusiastic Wubbe works from his intuition and is inspired by his dancers in an almost democratic process, with which TING! par excellence a Gesamtkunstwerk. The focus in this documentary is entirely on the work process. Still, the film gives a good view of the human being Ed Wubbe. Because as Bonnie Doets, one of Wubbe's muses, puts it in the film: 'Anyone who wants to understand who Wubbe is must look at his work'. Ed Wubbe has been the artistic director of the internationally renowned Scapino Ballet Rotterdam for over 25 years. His pieces are often a reflection on current events. In this documentary, eye-catching camera work captures how Wubbe's quest proceeds. In an open atmosphere and full of confidence, the Scapino dancers work together and the camera is close to their skin. The beautiful dance by Bonnie Doets and Mischa van Leeuwen, among others, the most striking members of Scapino, means that there is a lot to enjoy visually in the film. An infectious homage to an inspired and modest choreographer.

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