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Dans met mij

NTR & Nederlandse Dansdagen

3 October | 17:10

Björn Linke

The Nederlandse Dansdagen and NTR bring back TV-program ‘Dans met mij'. With Ambassadors of Dutch Dance: Igone de Jongh and Jan Kooijman.

The NTR and the Nederlandse Dansdagen have a warm heart for culture and dance in particular. In the past they have worked together before to offer Dutch dance a stage. In 2020 they joined forces and the special TV program 'Dans met mij' came about. Following on from the success of this, the Nederlandse Dansdagen and NTR are bringing a new, exclusive episode of the program, broadcast during the Nederlandse Dansdagen 2021.

Ambassadors of Dutch dance Jan Kooijman and Igone de Jongh will once again be responsible for the presentation of the program. In the 40-minute programme, Igone and Jan will talk to special guests from the dance world.

Igone en Jan about their ambassadorship and the TV program ‘Dance with me’:

Our roots lie in dance. We will always feel connected to this sector. It's a difficult time. The theaters are having a hard time, and so are the dancers and dance makers. We are therefore looking forward to putting together an inspiring evening full of dance and dance conversations, together with each other, the NTR and the Nederlandse Dansdagen, and to commit ourselves as ambassadors for this beautiful art form. So that we can show how rich the Netherlands is, even in difficult times, in beautiful dance and talented makers and performers.'

The TV program Dance with me is produced by NTR and broadcast on Sunday, October 3 at 5:10 PM on NPO 2.

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