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Jeff Tudor/Steven de Beul/Ben Tesseur

Dance on film: Coppelia

5 October | 14:00 - 15:20
€10.00 (Regulier) €5.00 (Kinderen)
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During the Nederlandse Dansdagen dance is everywhere in Maastricht, including in the cinema. During the festival, several beautiful dance films are programmed in the Lumière. Including Coppelia, a modern fairy tale adapted from the classical ballet of the same name about an evil cosmetic doctor who seduces people with the idea of ​​perfect beauty and thereby endangers the blooming love of two young people. 


The fledgling love between Zwaantje and Frans is threatened by the beautiful Coppelia. She is the creation of Dr. Coppelius, a cosmetic doctor, who seduces the villagers with the idea of ​​perfect beauty. Frans is also enchanted by her. But the wayward Zwaantje discovers that Dr. Coppelius mainly means evil. In his 'beauty salon' he steals the unique character traits of the villagers. Frans's love-filled heart is the last thing he needs to bring Coppelia to life. Zwaantje does everything possible to save Frans from a terrible end. 

Coppelia - 6 juli in de bioscoop

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