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Presentatie: LAB INTENSIVE

1 October | 14:30 - 15:30
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This is a free event. 

Making a dance film is now part of the regular professional practice of dance makers. Cinematic means such as camerawork, framing and editing expand the dance maker's metier. At the same time, we notice that choreographers and dancers are not always able to use their qualities to the full 100 percent. Money is not the main factor in the development of a good dance film. Rather, there is a lack of knowledge and experience to further develop good and beautiful ideas into a solid film plan. 

With the LAB INTENSIVE, Cinedans wants to give a quality boost to the dance film. An intensive process for professionals who have the ambition to bring dance and film together. An impetus for the lasting substantive development of the dance film. The LAB INTENSIVE consists of workshops, masterclasses and a coaching program and will be launched in the spring of '23.

During De Nederlandse Dansdagen, Nienke Rooijakkers, dramaturge and education manager of Cinedans and Martine Dekker, director of Cinedans, will present an illustrated lecture about the state of the art of Dutch dance film. On the basis of various fragments from the recent history of Dutch dance film, they, together with the audience, analyze the power and meaning of the dance film.

No experience with dance film is necessary to participate. The basis is the desire to dwell on what you see, to wonder and to investigate.

Cinedans LAB aims to increase the quality of the dance film and to boost production. With workshops and intensive trajectories, Cinedans supports the development of interdisciplinary artists who choose dance and movement as a starting point. Cinedans LAB also presents a variety of tailor-made projects for art education, secondary education and primary education.


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