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The Night of Dutch Dance

1 October |

Avond van de Dans FINAL NO SUBS

This special digital Dutch Dance Festival will be starting with an evening dedicated entirely to the love of Dutch dance. In fact, we will be returning to the start of the festival in 1997, when the festival was just the Evening of Dutch Dance. We are bringing you this exciting digital festival programme as a new translation of the past, and the public can actively participate in it.   

Hadassah de Boer will be presenting a talk show in an empty Theater aan het Vrijthof, when exceptional guests reflect on the developments in dance in our country and anticipate the future.  

We will be telling stories about makers and audience, demonstrating how Dutch dance is making a place for itself in society, particularly in times of crisis, and showing fragments from the many beautiful films that are available. We will be talking about what we didn’t, and still don’t, see, now that we’re not sitting in theatres, and the premieres that didn’t take place. We will also be making the nominations known for the prestigious Swans and celebrating our talent with the presentation of the annual festival prizes: the Dutch Dance Festival Maastricht Prize and the Dutch Dance Festival Young Audiences Prize. 

The Dutch Dance Night also serves as the overture for other parts of the festival, in which every lover of dance is invited to take part. We will be discussing the dansMuseum, where you can wander round to see how times of crisis in the 75 years since the war have formed the landscape of the art form in this country. We will be showing a sneak preview of the Virtual Residencies and talking to family members who have been working at home, in their own living rooms, on the project dansthuis.nl.  

Put your laptop, tablet or smartphone on, tune in and enjoy a full evening programme that you won’t want to miss as a lover of dance. 

This video is subtitled. Via the cc button at the bottom left of the screen you can set the language, you can choose from English and Dutch.

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