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Andreas Hannes

And the city was a dream on the pulse of your feet

2 October | 14:00 - 14:30

Andreas Hannes 
and the city was a dream on the pulse of your feet 

Andreas Hannes has been working with skipping (huppelen) since 2017. His performances aim to vitalize bodies and space in order to open up, question and highlight the intricate relation between them, and to consider distance, transit and approach as a meaningful dance of time tenses.  

Everything always moves and occasionally flows. Measuring, counting, pushing and pulling, bodies find a way to navigate space and time, in full fantasy and hope. On the groove of their feet, a group of dancers is skipping the finite to find the infinite. By outlining trajectories of encounter and departure and passing through energetic fields made of memories and dreams, they become markers of change in an ever-transforming city. 


HOW TO SKIP? Andreas Hannes - Skipping Tutorial | ND 2022

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