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When ordering tickets for one of our festival performances you may also want to make a donation for an extra ticket for the production Between Us from The Ruggeds. We work with the non-profit organisation LEFteam to give these tickets to young people who would like to see a performance but who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it. Even if you don’t buy any tickets for this performance, you can still contribute to the initiative with a donation. The Dutch Dance Festival will be making a total of 50 tickets available of which it will be covering 50% of the cost itself. Your contribution is guaranteed to be well spent.

About LEFteam 
Stichting [non-profit organisation] LEFteam creates new opportunities for young people from Maastricht between the ages of 14 to 27 (with the focus on 18 to 23 year-olds) who are trying to find where their talents lie and who often fall outside of primary and secondary care. After an individual and structured LEF path, these young people are better prepared for the demands of today’s society, such as a return to education or appropriate work. LEFteam has one basic principle, the conviction that every young person has a talent. It offers young people who haven’t yet found their place in education of society, a lot of whose talent is still latent, realistic ‘ talent discovery places’. They are helped to discover that talent by a team of coaches and volunteers. LEF collaborates with relevant organisations such as educational institutes, the municipality and support agencies.

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