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The Consolation Prize 7+

De Stilte

2 October | 15:30 - 16:25
Theater aan het Vrijthof   Papyruszaal
€14.00 (Regulier) €9.00 (Kinderen)
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3 October | 10:00 - 10:55
Theater aan het Vrijthof   Papyruszaal
€14.00 (Regulier) €9.00 (Kinderen)
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Hans Gerritsen

PRICE € 14

It is never too early to start developing a love for dance. That is why on Sundat October 2 the Nederlandse Dansdagen is all about family and youth performances. Performances that stimulate the imagination, open up new worlds, touch and stimulate thinking.

When we look at the stars in the sky, people are small and unimportant. That is not possible! So we maken ourselves stars. We give speeches, we make podiums. We pat each other on the shoulders and reward each other with prizes. We declare ourselves winners. 

But still…. And yet we are and remain puny beings in an overwhelming universe. 

Every prize is a consolation prize. 

Humor and the ability to put things into perspective make de Troostprijs an ode tot he human dimension. 

‘’Seen from the moon, we are all the same size’’ Multatuli, Idea 155

de Stilte - de Troostprijs - trailer

de Troostprijs | Making-of | de Stilte


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