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Imre & Marne van Opstal | Nationaltheater Mannheim | Hessisches Staatsballett

Nederlandse Dans Internationaal #1

1 October | 14:00 - 15:20
€32.50 (1e Rang) €27.50 (2e Rang)
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Maximilian Borchardt

The Nederlandse Dansdagen is a festival for transnational dance, and it couldn't be any other way. After all, Dutch dance is highly regarded worldwide. The Nederlandse Dansdagen is happy to make room at the festival for Dutch choreographers who are experiencing an international breakthrough.


Originally from Limburg, brother and sister Marne and Imre van Opstal are among the most exciting and sought-after dance choreographers in the world. After successful dance careers with NDT 2 and NDT 1, with Imre winning the Zwaan for the most impressive dance performance in 2017, and the equally prestigious Batsheva Dance Company, they shifted their creativity to working as a choreographer duo. And with success: their work is multi-layered and surreal, with a strong and distinct dance language known for its eclecticism, theatricality and partnering elements.


During this edition of The Nederlandse Dansdagen, two of their international successes will be brought to the Netherlands on a one-off basis. The little man, which they created in 2022 for Nationaltheater Mannheim and I'm afraid to forget your smile for the Hessisches Staatsballett from Wiesbaden from the same year.


After the performance, there will be an interview with the creators in the souterrain.


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