Transport to Opera Zuid Malpertuis

During the anniversary edition of the Nederlandse Dansdagen, Opera Zuid Malpertuis will be the location for Krisztina de Châtel's famous performance, Föld. The piece that premiered in June 1985 will be shown in the Maplertuiskerk on 1 and 2 October 2022 as the closing event of the Tour. The preferred location for this piece where spectators will take place around the scene to watch the dancers fight against mother nature.

The Church is located outside the center of Maastricht. Keep this in mind in your planning. Below you will find a summary of various transport options.

Address: Malpertuisplein 60, 6217 CD Maastricht

From Maastricht Station to Opera Zuid

Public transport 
Opera Zuid can be reached by:

  • Bus 1 Direction Malberg (17 minutes)
  • Bus 2 Direction Old Caberg (18 min)
  • Bus 7 Direction Old Caberg-Pottenberg (17 min)
  • Plan your bustrip here: Arriva

Bicycle: distance 4 km (15 min)

  • Click here to view the route
  • NS bicycle:
  • Bicycle rental Aon de Stasie:

Advice on bike rental: book in time!

Walking: distance 3.5 km (45 min)


From the Vrijthof-Centre Maastricht to Opera Zuid

Public transport
From the Vrijthof, an 8-minute walk to the Boschstraat, the following lines are available:

  • Bus 1 direction Malberg
  • Bus 2 direction Oud-Caberg
  • Bus 7 towards Caberg-Pottenberg
  • Plan your bustrip here: Arriva

Car: distance 2.8 km (8 min)


Cycling distance 2.9 km (11 min)


  • Shared bike Arriva (available on the Vrijthof, P+B Fort Willemweg|Cabergerweg and P+B Frontenpark|Frontensingel)
  • Bicycle rental Courtens Bike sport (walking 5 min from Vrijthof):

Advice on bike rental: book in time!

Walking distance 2.3 km (31 min)

De Nederlandse Dansdagen worden mogelijk gemaakt door:

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