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Debate of Dutch Dance

30 September | 14:00 - 16:00
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Sjoerd Derine

This is a free event.

Work session: a new phase in Dutch Dance

In these times of uncertainty, we don't just want to talk, but above all do it. We want to use the moment that we are all together to actually take action to take the future of Dutch Dance one step further. That is why the traditional Debate of Dutch Dance takes the form of an active work session.

The Nederlandse Dansdagen is committed to bring the dance sector together in order to formulate joint policy principles and to organize meetings for knowledge sharing. We already brought the sector together in 2018. Over the past 1.5 years, we have once again worked on a Call to Action with a large delegation from the dance sector, united in the various subsectors. Based on a great sense of urgency to strengthen the dance sector in the future, broad input from the dance field has been collected by coordinators of the various subsectors. All these sub-sectors together form the dance sector, as a chain with numerous links that make an effort for dance in the Netherlands. These links are also the many partners with whom the dance sector collaborates on a daily basis. The stages, schools, cultural coordinators in education, festivals and many other partners.

During the working session on September 30, we want to take the Call to Action one step further by jointly formulating the most important action points that are needed for a future-proof dance system. All attendees are enabled to actively contribute to the dialogue.

After processing the input from the work session, the Call to Action: 'a new phase in Dutch Dance' will be sent to the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, in particular the State Secretary for Culture and Media, the Council for Culture, lower authorities, the partners of the entire dance sector and the dance sector itself.

The work session is supervised by Lene Grooten in collaboration with Nicole van Lith.



View the Debate of Dutch Dance 2021 below. 

Het Nederlandse Dansdagen Debat 2021


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