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ARK | Connor Schumacher & Theater Babel


30 September | 20:30 - 21:30
€14.00 (Algemeen)
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Aristos Iatrou

Welcome to ClubINC! Where your host Connor Schumacher and eight dancers, with and without disabilities, take you on a whirlwind experience. Together with you, we build intention, knowledge and experience to create an inclusive world where you are seen, you see others and everyone can participate.

Based on the need to make inclusive art natural, we work with the maxim: 'my body, that's me - and I can be there!'

The performance consists of three parts;

Part 1: The BIG Bang. The material we work with; Why we dance together. 

Part 2: Adapt or die. The evolution of inclusive space; This is how we dance together. 

Part 3: Revolution. The exploration of how we can share the dance floor together through fun, inclusion, understanding and appreciation of our differences; Let's dance together.


Expect fun, vulnerability, an encounter with people who are different from you, and sometimes you yourself are that other. A sensational gathering where we practice new skills for life, from opera to techno - let's go!



ClubINC is a co-production of Connor Schumacher/ARK, Theater Babel and Dansateliers and stems from the motivation to learn from each other. This co-production explores how dance, as an applied art form, can create an inclusive space where every person can practice their humanity again.


Cast & Crew:
Cast: Patrick Nassy, Terrence Patra, Remo Schouten, Yasmine Harkassy, Mary-Jane Mijnhijmer, Mohamed Boujarra, Majon van der Schot and Connor Schumacher
Concept and direction: Connor Schumacher
Dramaturge: Maaike Schuurmans
Lighting designer and technician: Edwin van Steenbergen
ClubINC is a co-production of: ARK/Connor Schumacher, Theater Babel and Dansateliers


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