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WANTED! Ferocious young people between 13 and 17 years old

9 August 2022

Are you between 13 and 17 years old and have you always wanted to participate in a location theater performance? Then this is your chance! Create a location performance in the streets of Maastricht with us, Cie. Woest. We dive into the city and work with movement, theater and music at various locations. We move from one location to another and provide a surprising intervention with the audience. We are everywhere and nowhere. People come across us by chance. We are the Poppers.


In the first weekend of October we will play our performance during De Nederlandse Dansdagen. For this physical, energetic and theatrical project we are looking for enthusiastic young people between 13 and 17 years old. Can you free yourself for the period indicated below and do you want to participate in a professional physical theater performance that suddenly pops up everywhere? Then you're the one we're looking for. You don't need to have dance or theater experience, but you do want to join this adventure.

Sign up via this email address: info@ciewoest.com

Tell us who you are and why you would like to participate in this. Leave your contact details and we will contact you!

Who is Cie. Furious?

Cie. Woest is a dance theater company that likes to be inspired by a specific location. They always look for the interaction between their bodies, the location and the audience. They create visual dance theater performances for a diverse audience. Her audience cannot be pigeonholed, any more than Woest herself. Woest therefore has the ambition to work with locations that are not immediately seen as a potential 'stage'. The non-compulsory approach, the readable language of movement and the connecting effect of working on location gives Woest the opportunity to reach people who otherwise have little or no contact with dance theatre. More info: www.ciewoest.com.


Production: Krokusfestival CCHA
Photo:  De Popoppers 2022 Krokusfestival CCHA

De Nederlandse Dansdagen worden mogelijk gemaakt door:

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