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A dansWEB update

25 April 2023

After two successful start-up projects in October 2022, there is a lot of news on the program for dansWEB in 2023. The year was kicked off with the performance Terts van Pra Muziektheater in collaboration with social partner Sevagram. There are also collaborations with DadoDans, SALLY Maastricht, Evida and Vila Pip on the program for people with disabilities and special education. Just think of performances, dance cafés and long-term projects, ... The latter connects different target groups. You can admire the result during the festival.

Erwin Penners

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, collaborations with professional dance courses and the online section of dansWEB are being worked on. In addition, the various target groups are connected online by means of online dance workshops, tutorials, online creations, ... we will soon reveal a little bit more!

DansWEB is a participatory dance project that fundamentally focuses on the needs and possibilities of the elderly, people with a disability in care centers and children and young people in special education. With various partners, we enable participants to participate in a way that suits them. To this end, all kinds of activities take place in their own environment. Participants play an active role as viewer, participant and creator online and offline, alone or with each other. Everything is supervised by professionals from dance, care and special education. In the coming years, we want to focus on strengthening the dance WEB, together with our participants, the partners from the dance field, the dance courses and the social domain.

De Nederlandse Dansdagen worden mogelijk gemaakt door:

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