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Start nominating choreographers for the new Innovation Award Nederlandse Dansdagen

24 February 2022

The Nederlandse Dansdagen announces today that it is merging the two existing festival prizes into one incentive prize, the Innovation Prize Nederlandse Dansdagen Maastricht. Starting today it is also possible to nominate choreographers for this new prize.

The Nederlandse Dansdagen gives an impulse to Dutch dance by supporting emerging talent with guidance and prizes. Since 2007 it has awarded the Prize of the Nederlandse Dansdagen Maastricht to a talented and promising choreographer. In 2017, the Prize of the Dutch Dance Days Young Audience was added to this, with the aim of contributing to the innovation of dance for a young audience in the Netherlands.

From the upcoming anniversary edition in 2022, the Nederlandse Dansdagen will combine these two festival prizes into one prize, the Innovation Prize Nederlandse Dansdagen Maastricht. The prize still brings current developments and exceptional talent into the limelight, but no longer makes the distinction between young and mature audiences. With this, the makers of the future find an equal position in this price. This merger also sharpens the focus on how makers relate to the audience they reach within their development. The amount of money available is doubled to €20,000 to give the winner more power in producing his ideas.

The prize is made possible in part by the Municipality of Maastricht.

Which choreographer will you nominate?

The Nederlandse Dansdagen calls on dance enthusiasts and dance professionals to nominate choreographers for the Innovation Prize Nederlandse Dansdagen Maastricht. Which emerging choreographer knows how to surprise and touch you with his/her work? Who do you think deserves a push to create new work and present it to the general public during the Dutch Dance Days 2023? Important criteria are that the choreographers have already realized a number of eye-catching projects, but have not yet received a structural subsidy. Both choreographers who make independent productions and choreographers who create work for companies can be nominated. One condition is that they have been working in the Netherlands for some time. Choreographers who have been nominated in previous years can also compete for the prize again.

A jury ultimately nominates 3 makers from the entries who will pitch their idea for a new performance. The choreographer with the best, most innovative idea takes home the prize and can get to work on creating his/her work.

You can nominate via this link.

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