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Nederlandse Dansdagen will develop a new digital platform

12 January 2023

Nederlandse Dansdagen (ND) wants to develop a leading, interactive digital platform, where Dutch dance is the main focus.

“We also strengthen the connection between artist, audience and participant in the digital domain. This way we remain artistically innovative and relevant to a wider audience.”

Sjoerd Derine

Since 2020, ND has gained a lot of knowledge about digital production and presentation. With Platform ND Digital we are committed to the further development and deepening of the digital possibilities for Nederlandse Dansdagen and thus the Dutch dance field. We are looking for the ideal hybrid form and use of digital technology to provide space for artistic innovation on the one hand and to strengthen the connection with and impact on society on the other.

We focus on heritage, current events and the future:

• HERITAGE: we make the past of the Nederlandse Dansdagen and thus Dutch dance accessible by setting up a layered digital archive.

• ACTUALITY: we are increasing the impact of the festival by making the program more widely accessible online.

• FUTURE: we stimulate the digital development of dance by offering makers opportunities to experiment, including with virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI).

With the project contribution we are building an interactive and leading digital platform where there is room for knowledge sharing, presentation and production. Including the possibility of various forms of online presentation, experimenting with new digital techniques, interactive elements and a digital archive.

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