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The story of Milena Sidorova

18 August 2022

For the Nederlandse Dansdagen 2022 campaign we have had the opportunity to collaborate with several beautiful dancers and choreographers. The images are strong, but the passion behind it even stronger. That is why we are happy to let you hear the voice of our ambassadors. Today the story of Milena Siderova. The Ukrainian-Dutch dancer and choreographer has already created more than 25 works. Dance is an integral part of her life:

Hugo Thomassen

What does dance mean to you?

Dance is not just my passion or profession — it is my native language. I was dancing and performing when I was just 3 years old, and making dance pieces since I was 13. Dance is a universal language that allows to convey complex emotions that cannot be captured by words alone.

Can you describe the feeling when you dance?

A couple of dance moves can give a meaning of a thousand words, and in a few minutes of dance, the audience can follow someone’s life in its entirety. That shows the power of dance.

What is your persepctive on dance?

When I make choreography, the focus primarily goes into the experience of the audience. I don’t focus on a message that I want to transmit — or not only that. I allow for the piece to ‘evolve’ during the rehearsal process, and the message often evolves too, transforming the dance into something that I could not have planned from the beginning, taking me on a journey along with the audience. 

What is your message that you want to transmit through dance?

And the end result is hopefully something that the audience will recognise in themselves or in their life journey.


Dance has definitely changed my life.

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