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The story behind Ivan Montis

27 Juli 2022

In collaboration with top photographer Hugo Thomassen, we have once again shot beautiful campaign images for this edition of the Nederlandse Dansdagen. You may have already seen them on websites or on our socials and newsletters. But there is more than just a photo there is a whole story behind every dancer/choreographer and his/her/their passion for dance. Three fantastic professionals from the Dutch Dance world have been photographed for the campaign and we have asked them all to tell a story about the role dance plays in their lives.

Today the story of Ivan Montis.

Hugo Thomassen

The Sardinian born dancer who settled in the Netherlands in 2011. He obtained his Bachelor of Performing Arts at Codarts School of the Arts in Rotterdam. He has already danced with Korzo in The Hague, ICKamsterdam, Scapino Ballet Rotterdam and SALLY Dance Company Maastricht. Ivan has collaborated with many, such as Stephen Shropshire, Itzik Galili, Samir Calixto, Marco Goecke, Wim Vandekeybus, Emio Greco, Krisztina de Châtel and Ed Wubbe.

What does dance mean to you?

dance is the way to express my true self without filters, showing my strenghts and vulnerabilities

Can you describe the feeling when you dance?

When I dance, I feel empowered cause I am able to feel and control every part of my body.

What is your perspective on dance?

Like all the other art forms, dance is necessary to challenge our thoughts, our feelings regarding certain topics and to engage in a different type of communication.

What would you like the audience to feel when you dance? What is your message that you want to transmit through dance?

I would love the audience to have a real experience and feel connected with what I am doing. The message received can be different and personal, then the feeling.

Does dance give you a certain sense of freedom? Why? When?

Most of the time dance gives me freedom. The freedom of doing what I like the most and share it with the audience.

Has dance changed your life? And how?

Dance changed my life in so many ways. It was a safe port when I was a young queer teenager, it made me travel the world and feel connected with different cultures, it opened my mind and soul and it made me feel empowered.

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