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dansWEB is gestart!

1 December 2022

The Nederlandse Dansdagen has joined forces with a broad network of partners with the aim of giving everyone access to dance. Especially groups for whom access to dance is not self-evident and for which the power of dance can have a positive effect. Everyone can get moving through dansWEB in a way that suits him or her.

In October we started with the first two activities of dansWEB.

A dancing and musical afternoon was organized in care center Scharwyerveld in Maastricht with collaboration partners PRA Muziektheater, Sevagram Verwenzorg and Cultuurmakers Maastricht. There was listening, laughing and certainly dancing! The oldest resident (101) danced a solo in her wheelchair for minutes. It was an unforgettable afternoon in which the dancers, music and audience became intimately entwined. The afternoon revolved around meeting; with each other, the dance, the music and the stories.

Two special education schools were also immersed in dansWEB. With collaboration partner SALLY and their production Dit Dat Dans – Circle where looking, giving meaning and of course dancing yourself are central. SALLY and ND went on research together to stimulate the perception and experience of the students even more. A great start to a new long-term collaboration.

More information about dansWEB, its partners and projects can be found here: ND Dichtbij...

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