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Dance Awards 2020

4 March 2021

On Thursday 1 October, during the 23rd edition of the Dutch Dance Festival, the annual Festival Awards, the Dutch Dance Festival Maastricht Award 2020 and the Dutch Dance Days Young Public Award 2020 were awarded.

Due to the Corona crisis, the VSCD will not be awarding Swans this year, but the Dance Jury did announce its nominations for the 2019/2020 season during the Dutch Dance Festival 2020. The presentation of the prizes will be postponed to next year, with the jury confirming the performance per prize. and will include performances over two seasons in her considerations and choices.

Festival Awards 2020

On Thursday 1 October, dancer and choreographer Roshanak Morrowatian received the Prize of the Dutch Dance Festival Maastricht 2020 during the 23rd edition of Dutch Dance Festival. Dancer, choreographer and curator Anne-Beth Schuurmans is the winner of the Prize of the Dutch Dance Festival Young Public 2020.

The VSCD Swans

This edition no Swans were awarded. However, there were Nominees announced. They still have a chance to win a coveted Swan in 2021.

Nominated for the Zwaan's "most impressive dance production" are: 8: Metamorphosis, Or Die Trying and Memory Loss. Nominated for the "most impressive dance performance" are the dancers Chloé Albaret in Aperture by Edward Clug (Nederlands Dans Theater 1), Maria Ribas for her role in Sweet like a chocolate by ICK Dans Amsterdam and Christian Yav and Sedrig Verwoert in They / Them.

De Nederlandse Dansdagen worden mogelijk gemaakt door:

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