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Alida Dors opens the Nederlandse Dansdagen with the State of Dutch Dance

22 September 2022

Choreographer, theater maker and artistic director of Theater Rotterdam Alida Dors is presenting this year's State of Dutch Dance (30 September, during the Nederlandse Dansdagen). Earlier this month, Alida Dors also presented the State of the Dutch Theater. She is the first person in history to take on both States, bringing the two arts disciplines theater and dance closer together.
Alida Dors: "I wish for us a culture in which we celebrate on whose shoulders we stand, but aren't afraid to grow"

Mark Bolk

The Nederlandse Dansdagen

The Nederlandse Dansdagen is a festival where you can enjoy the diversity of Dutch dance from September 30 to October 6. During the festival, a series of dance performances and the best of Dutch dance will be shown: from 'classical' to 'hip hop' from 'avant garde' to 'modern dance'. You can attend these various dance performances at special locations such as in Maastricht, but also online and on TV.

The Nederlandse Dansdagen opens every year with the State of Dutch Dance, in which prominent figures from the cultural field share their view of the Dutch dance climate. The State is always nominated by an active representative from the Dutch dance world. Conny Janssen and Lisa Reinheimer, among others, already preceded Alida Dors.

Ronald Wintjens, director of the Nederlandse Dansdagen:

A voice is there to be heard…especially if that voice is called Alida Dors.”

The State of Dutch Dance will be published online on Friday September 30 at 11:00 AM. You can register for the (free) online program here: https://en.www.nederlandsedansdagen.nl/home/online-programma

About Alida Dors

Alida Dors is one of the pioneers of hip-hop dance in the Netherlands. By working at the intersection of text, dance, performance and music, she has built up a good national and international reputation and a solid network as a theater maker and choreographer.

With her work, Alida creates adventurous interdisciplinary dance chronicles with influences from hip-hop and modern dance – socially and politically aware, urgent and relevant. Alida questions the norm in the established theater and dance world. As a maker and artistic director of Theater Rotterdam, she strives for polyphony and actively works on breaking down the barriers between audiences, makers and disciplines.

Alida Dors at Theater Rotterdam season 22-23

From November 9 you can see Primisi in large halls throughout the country. Primisi is the first piece for the main hall that Alida Dors has presented since her appointment as artistic director of Theater Rotterdam. Primisi analyzes the physical memory of love that is lacking, that is difficult, and asks how we can allow ourselves to feel compassion, and connection. In the spirit of the Black feminist thinker bell hooks, Primisi invites you to let go. Let go of certain definitions of love through commerce, your idea of ​​love as a power play, your cynicism.

The Story of Travis is a new play inspired by the 1959 Broadway classic A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry. In poetic monologues, recognizable family situations and spiritual dialogues, the performance questions the burden of the black dream and what it is like to be the only hope of your family to be sent into the world. The theater performance, directed by guest maker Romana Vrede, with choreography by Alida Dors and co-produced by Well Made Productions, can be seen from March 7, 2023.

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