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Dutch Dance Days Digital

Virtual residencies

Festival the Dutch Dance Days has been providing a platform for Virtual Residencies since 2018. Makers work together remotely, by virtual and digital connections. It will come as no surprise that we will embrace this project in 2020 even more and put it on top of our list. Experiments in preliminary research, manufacturing processes and interaction. Moving along with the possibilities within this corona era, seven companies and makers show the result of their personal processes. Seven different innovative products, ranging from premieres to special virtual experiences, where the digital aspect is expressed in different ways.

The following makers have already comitted:

Cecilia Moisio

After the great success of Victory, a new youth performance by Cecilia Moisio at Maas theater and dance will premiere in the autumn of 2021: Revolt. After the premiere in September 2021, the performance will tour the Netherlands. Revolt is about rebellion, about protesting and making your voice heard. In the run-up to the performance, Cecilia will investigate this theme with the target group, ie young people, in the form of workshops, interviews and three interactive protest marches, entitled Revolt - Laboratory. The first protest march will take place in Maastricht (the coordinates will follow later) during the Dutch Dance Days 2020 on Thursday 1, Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 October. In 2019, Cecilia won the Dutch Dance Days Young Audience Award with Victory.

David Middendorp

Dance and technology that merge in the magical world of virtual reality. That is the latest HandsON performance by choreographer David Middendorp in co-production with Festival de Nederlandse Dansdagen Digitaal. Wearing  VR glasses, the audience is taken into an enchanting experience. The hand movements of world leaders such as Trump, Merkel and Macron have been of inspiration for HandsON.

Connor Schumacher

Connor Schumacher, winner of the Nederlandse Dansdagen Maastricht Award 2019, will be seen again this year at Festival de Nederlandse Dansdagen Digital, with his work Pilot PC.
Pilot PC is a fiction (non) fiction study of what we need to reflect and move at a safe distance in 2020. With Schumacher's alter ego The Fool, you enter an immersive space in which everyone, regardless of who they are or where they come from, helps to build the skills for a new Physical Culture.

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