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TV broadcast ‘Dans met mij’

‘Dance with Me’

This year it is more important than ever before to present the richness and value of Dutch dance to as large an audience as possible. For this reason, the NTR public service broadcaster and the Dutch Dance Festival are once again joining forces. They have frequently collaborated in the past and have demonstrated that they fully support culture, and dance in particular. Now they are offering Dutch dance an extensive podium with the broadcast of the TV programme Dans met mij - ‘Dance with Me’.  

Specially for this occasion, the presenter and former dancer Jan Kooijman and ballet icon Igone de Jongh will be sharing, as ambassadors of Dutch dance, their love of the art form with this wider audience. 

In the forty-minute-long programme, Jan and Igone will be talking in Maastricht to special guests from the world of dance and the programme will cover most significant moments in the history of Dutch dance. Dans met mij is an ode to this wonderful art form, which deserves to be promoted as widely as possible.

The TV programme Dans met mij will be broadcast on Saturday 3rd October at 22:20 hours on the television channel NPO2. It will then be repeated on Sunday 4th October at 17:10 hours and Friday 9th October at 13:40 hours.

See below Jan Kooijman in conversation with Igone the Jongh about the impact of the COVID-19 virus on the dance field. 

In gesprek met Igone de Jongh | 1,5 meter DANS | aflevering 1

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