Every year in Maastricht, the Dutch Dance Festival Festival shows a sample card of the most interesting that Dutch dance has to offer. The festival is curator, booster and promoter of Dutch dance and widely accessible to dance lovers, professionals and new audiences.

Maastricht is the stage for one whole week a year for the most interesting of Dutch dance in its full diversity. In recent years, the festival has developed into a festival for cross-border dance. Boundaries fade between disciplines and genres, between choreographer and dancer, between performer and audience, between stage and public space, and between countries. There is room for all this at the festival. From classical ballet to urban, from avant-garde to modern dance, from masters to young talent and from performance art to dance for a young audience.

The Dutch Dance Days offers a program of dance productions, premieres, residencies, conversations and work sessions with professionals and the public, award ceremonies, participatory and impact projects and (international) innovation and expertise programs. The Nederlandse Dansdagen informs and involves the public in almost all performances and thus connects the maker to the visitor.

The Nederlandse Dansdagen wants to make the voice of the dance and the dance artist sound louder. The festival focuses on the rich heritage of Dutch dance and also uses the power of dance to move society around social themes. In addition, the festival is taking the lead in bringing the Dutch dance field together to discuss policy, the field, audience interactions and collective actions. The festival has also had an important international component for years, both in programming and in the meeting of makers and audience. The number of international guests is growing every year and with our international projects and exchanges we are now entering the next phase.

In 2020, the festival will offer an alternative online program on the virtual stage for a week, which is accessible to everyone.


De Nederlandse Dansdagen worden mogelijk gemaakt door: