State of the Theater

Alida Dors

This year, Alida Dors is presenting both the State of the Theater (1 September, during the Dutch Theater Festival) and the State of Dutch Dance (30 September, during the Nederlandse Dansdagen). She is the first person in history to be responsible for both States, bringing the two art disciplines theater and dance closer together.

Traditionally, the Dutch Theater Festival opens the new theater season with De Staat van het Theater, in which prominent figures from the cultural field share their view of the Dutch theater climate. The State of the Theater can be viewed on this page from 1 October 11:00.

Alida Dors: “That both festivals give me this invitation is a great challenge. They consciously made this choice together, and I am free in form and text to do what I think best suits my message. They convinced me with that. I pick up the mic, silence will not protect us!"

Read the full news item here:

The State of Dutch Dance will be published online on Friday September 30 at 11:00 AM. Watch it here.

About Alida Dors

Alida Dors is one of the pioneers of hip-hop dance in the Netherlands. By working at the intersection of text, dance, performance and music, she has built up a good national and international reputation and a solid network as a theater maker and choreographer. With her work, Alida creates adventurous interdisciplinary dance chronicles with influences from hip-hop and modern dance – socially and politically aware, urgent and relevant. Alida questions the norm in the established theater and dance world. She represents a generation of leaders who cherish its roots and cultural baggage and take it with them in everything she does. As a maker and artistic director of Theater Rotterdam, she strives for polyphony and actively works to break down the barriers between audiences, makers and disciplines.

This autumn, two performances by Alida Dors can be seen. From Tuesday 30 August to Sunday 4 September, Theater Rotterdam will open the new season with Track: R.I.O.T., and from November 9 the performance Primisi will play in Theater Rotterdam and on tour through the Netherlands.

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