Presentation: espaço agora now

Hugo Glendinning

Watch online from Friday September 20 at 11:00 AM.  

Espaço agora now is a project reimagining artist development and public experiment in the performing arts, offering a completely new model of artist residency in the performing arts. The project will be anchored by an international network of large scale spaces in five different cities around the world by 2024: Rotterdam, London, Buenos Aires, Belgrade and Lisbon. These spaces will host residencies that give artists time, kinship and resources to explore and test ideas from the earliest point in the creative process.  

The project started as an initiative of Amsterdam based creative producer Naomi Russell. It is now supported by a Dutch Foundation, Stitching Passaros, a founding team of 4 people and a growing community of 200 artists and makers in the performance fields representing 42 nationalities. The project is unique because of the way it is being driven by this growing ‘movement’ of international artists. From the start it was our goal for artists to design, make and co-lead espaço agora now. This has been achieved through (to date) 21 online and live gatherings. 

From September 2022 we want to share this knowledge more widely, build on it and put it into practice. 

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