Cinedans Shorts

Part 2

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Cinedans Shorts #2

Judith Knubben

You can view Cinedans Shorts #2 online from September 30, 11:00 AM. Register here for the Nederlandse Dansdagen Online.  

Cinedans is the international platform for dance film in Amsterdam and the only organization in the Netherlands that has been fully focused on the genre since 2003. Dance film can move and amaze the audience. At the same time, the dance film broadens the professional practice for dancers and choreographers. The dance film is flourishing and has become an indispensable part of the Dutch dance landscape. The Nederlandse Dansdagen and Cinedans present the best short homegrown productions of the past year. Dive into the burgeoning Dutch dance film scene and discover the promising talent! 

In this series you will see the following shorts:   

Alma (2022) 
Directed by: Marinus Groothof 
Choreography: Andrés Marin, Kalin Morrow 

A man faces the end of his life. Realizing that his days are numbered, he desperately tries to keep his body and soul from separating. He discovers a humanoid being experiencing an opposing dynamic of existence. 

Initiative, production and design of mask and soul: Siba Sahabi. 

WO_MAN (2021) 
Direction & Choreography: Judith Knubben 

The Three Graces, from Greek and Roman mythology, were the favorite subject of many male artists. Who are these women when they are not viewed from the male gaze? In the film we see three completely different characters who together represent the WO_MAN, searching for their role in the public domain. 

Rosan Chinnoe

I Found You (2022) 
Directed by: Rosan Chinnoe 
Choreography: Marc Vlemmix 

I found you is a duet between Marc Vlemmix and Rosan Chinnoe (partners in life and art), with Marc in front of the camera and Rosan behind it. Marc was 37 years old when he was diagnosed with Parkinson's. Together with Rosan and a team of like-minded people, the Dance for Health foundation has helped thousands of people with Parkinson's, Rheumatism and MS to dance with the aim of increasing their quality of life. It is these stories of Courage, Beauty, Love and Hope that Marc Vlemmix Dance wants to share with you, a gift from person to person, a smile, a shoulder, a heart under the belt for everyone who wants to receive it. 

I Found You was made possible by the Jo Visser Fund and Leyden Academy on Vitality and Aging.

La Nostra Terra (2022) 
Directed by: Thomas Born 
Choreography: Dalton Jansen 

A dance tragedy on Sicilian soil about a search for legitimacy, inspired by Studio Wild's installation with invasive alien plant species 'The Forbidden Garden of Europe'. These species pose a threat to native European plants and are illegal to grow, trade and transport across the EU. 

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